Global Reach

To expand our global footprint by exporting superior amaranth products that adhere to the highest quality standards.


Vision & Mission

To be the global leader in manufacturing and exporting high-quality amaranth products, innovating traditional Indian agriculture to meet diverse industrial needs worldwide.


Customer Satisfaction

To prioritize the health and wellness of our customers by providing products rich in nutrients and beneficial compounds.

About Us

Nans Products

We are an innovative R&D-backed organization founded in 1985, specializing in the manufacture of pectins from sunflower heads. Our mission is to transform conventional heritage produce of India into unconventional products for the welfare of society in India and abroad, using entirely indigenous technology to fulfill the dream of a modern India in the 21st century.




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Our expertise

Range of Our Products

Our expertise in amaranth products is unparalleled, offering a diverse range of high-quality products to meet various industrial needs. Our products include:

  • Amaranth Grain: High-nutrition grain suitable for various food applications.
  • Amaranth Proteins: Plant-based protein with numerous health benefits.
  • Amaranth Oil: Rich in squalene and other beneficial nutrients.
  • Amaranth Fibers: High-quality fiber for dietary and industrial use.
  • Amaranth Starches: Versatile starches for food and non-food applications.
  • Modified Amaranth Starches: Advanced derivatives like carboxymethylated, hydroxyethylated, hydroxypropylated, and succinated starches, as well as physically modified starches.

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