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Welcome to Nans Products

We represent a most innovative R&D backed Nans Products group of companies founded in 1985 for manufacture of PECTINS based on sunflower heads commited to give unconventional products from conventional heritage produce of india for the welfare of society in india and abroad, using totally indigenous technology fulfilling the dream of new modern india of twenty first century.

We proved our credentials to become pioneer Indian manufacturing company through all years from 1985 and served to diverse range of industries giving pioneer first in the country to save valuable foreign currency and also being largest exporters of our segments of products.

We claim to be the first in the world to recognize the invaluable properties of amaranth grain embedded in this untapped tiny grain.

We discovered and commercialized industrial use of amaranth way back in 1989 with the vast reservoir of knowledge of amaranth dating back with us since last 23 years, with reference to
  • Amaranth Grain
  • Amaranth Proteins
  • Amaranth Oil
  • Amaranth Fibers
  • Amaranth Bioflavonoids
  • Amaranth Starches
  • Modified Amaranth Starches

Still modifying these starches to various modified starches like carboxy methylatioted, hydroxyl ethylated, hydroxypropulated and succinated derivativesand also physically modified amaranth starchs, contributing to the substitutes and alternatives to established multinational produced starches suitable for various end use applications Making from an unknown starch but innovative molecular starch having least granule size of one micron and making into still a more innovative derivatised product for various end use applications so far patented and proprietered by few multinational companies of the world. We are proud to present ourselves as worlds first manufacurturer of world class product using a conventional product amaranth to give unconventional innovative products based on amaranth.