Many outstanding properties associated with amaranth starch are

  • Physically modified amaranth starch

Cross Linked Amaranths starch

  • These starches have low viscosity but stable viscosity to shear, hence used in extruded products.
  • Better clarity than native amaranth starch.
  • Viscosity increases with decreases in PH.

Prophated amaranth starch

  • Better viscosity and better thickening henced used in pudding and instance mixes.
  • Low paste clarity than native amaranth starch.

Hydroxyl propylated amaranth starch

  • Excellent substitute for gum Arabic for encapsulation of fruit oils like leamon orange oil.

Amaranth starch oleate - hydrolysed Amaranth starch oleate

  • For encapsulation and emisulfication.

An octenyl succinylated amaranth starch

  • For encapsulation and emisulfication.